Cherry Blossom Fabrics is an international boutique brand that caters to millennial fashion enthusiasts. The brand is a trendy harmony of luxury-chic, youth, and all-fabric sophistication. Mr Kirit Marfatia in early 1976 had laid the foundation of GBM better known as Gebilal Bhaidas Marfatia, as a yarn dealer. The stepping stone in his journey was his alliance with “Asahi Bemberg”.

Mr Kirit’s constant efforts over a period of 40 years have led them to position GBM as the ultimate brand for quality fabric in the Indian textile market; GBM doesn’t just sell quality fabric it invites its customers to avail a custom-made experience.

Cherry Blossom has proudly catered to multiple vendors, brands and garment manufacturers through their journey and some of them are well-known brands like Zara, H&M, Victoria Secret, French connection and also they are very popular among Indian designers.

With the evolution of online retail, GBM ventured into the online clothing industry by establishing an online retail platform called Cherry Blossom Fashion in the year 2016. The name of the brand is inspired by the famous Cherry Blossom flower in Japan and the grand festival that celebrates it.

The brand incorporates new age raw materials and also has a fusion for contemporary design. Diversity is the way for growth and what better than home-made fabrics turned into beautiful garments. The selective modern prints and with a classic traditional feel define the fashion line of Cherry Blossom Fashion.

GBM is a family run business and the team is dedicated to bringing out the very best. The whole idea of putting together a fashion brand is that customers can get the fabric they desire dwelled into designs by talented designers all at one place. The designs are one of a kind and limited and now available online.